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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility at Greetz
On all the cards of Greetz the FSC® logo is visible. But what does this mean for you as a customer and for us as Greetz?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization committed to responsible forest management worldwide. Responsible forest management takes the social, ecological and economic aspects associated with forest management in a balanced way into account. For Greetz this is one of the ways of doing business in a socially and socially responsible way.


Of course, FSC does not stop at forest management. Wood and paper products that come from FSC-certified forests can be recognized by the FSC label. To be sure that products with this quality mark actually come from a responsibly managed forest, all links in the product's supply chain must be certified. Only when, for example, a forest manager, paper mill, paper wholesaler and printer can demonstrate that they comply with the rules of FSC, a product can be sold as FSC and the FSC logo may be placed on it. These companies (and therefore also at Greetz) are certified by an independent body.

As Greetz we therefore must ensure the origin of the paper and cardboard purchased and used by us. In addition, our employees receive instructions on how to handle this certified paper and cardboard flow.

FSC also allows the timber or timber product to be tracked through all stages of processing and distribution. This gives you, as a customer of Greetz, certainty that the cardboard for your cards actually comes from well-managed forests. Which is very important to us. In this way, Greetz contributes to a good management of the nature around us, while we provide you with a responsible card for every moment. Only products marked as such are FSC® certified.

Greetz gives back

Giving someone special attention, that is what you do with Greetz. We also want to give that attention to others by contributing to great initiatives in the Netherlands. KAdonatie is one of those great initiatives, in collaboration with Stichting Jarige Job. The aim is to contribute to festive birthdays for children who are less fortunate at home.

Donate, and as a thank you, you will receive a KAdonatie card to send for someone's birthday, graduation or newlyweds. In this way you not only make their day special, but you also make it possible to give a birthday box to a child whose birthday is not self-evident. Every child deserves a birthday. Read more about KAdonatie.

About Stichting Jarige Job
There are ten thousands of children in the Netherlands that do not get to celebrate their birthday due to financial struggles at home. The Jarige Job Foundation helps them by giving parents a birthday box containing everything needed to celebrate a party.